23 Photos Of Martha Stewart’s Epic Style Over The Years

Martha Stewart has now been dubbed “the original influencer” by Harper’s Bazaar. Even if you aren’t already a follower (of either her career or her social media accounts), a look back at her wardrobe confirms that title.

The imitable expert in all things food, home and DIY has been a mainstay on our screens for decades. Her business endeavors have never focused heavily on fashion (though she does have a QVC line), but the 79-year-old has made her mark in the fashion world over the years, both as a young model and as a person whose closet we’d like to raid.

Stewart spent the ’90s exemplifying what is now once again “on trend” ― boxy blazers; high-waisted, loose-fitting denim; and even a bit of athleisure.

Her style has remained consistently classic over the years, save for a few big hats and wide-legged, bright green sequined pants.

Below, take a look back at some of Stewart’s best dressed moments throughout the years.

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