5 Times We Wanted to Copy Harry Styles’s Statement-Making Style

Which babetastic rock-and-roller makes us want to put on a singular dangle earring and a sweater-vest? Harry Styles, of course. He has been able to put his delicious star power into the art of dressing, and single-handedly popularize several bold trends. Remember when the crooning entertainer attended the Met Gala in 2019? The man wore a Gucci look, complete with a sheer pussy bow blouse, and a solo romantical earring with a massive dangling pearl. Call him the heartthrob with a pearl earring. 

Thanks to Mr. Styles, the sweater-vest is no longer only for biology majors or librarians but rather a hot piece of knitwear. Remember last year when he left SNL rehearsal wearing a Lanvin sweater-vest covered in sheep? Grandpa signature no more! The piece all of a sudden became a must-have. 

Perhaps one of the biggest trends we’ve seen Styles promote is statement suiting. He’s worn yellow three-piece suits, baby blue incarnations, and even fully floral looks. For those looking to emulate the singer at home, just slip into a suit, and add another Harry-approved favorite, like a pearl necklace. You’ll be channeling Styles in no time. 

Here, see five trends Harry Styles makes us want to wear now. 

5 Times We Wanted to Copy Harry Styless StatementMaking Style

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