Brand Website Design | JoongAng Group

JoongAng Group is a conglomerate formed by several different companies – including The Korea Daily, JTBC, Megabox, and Phoenix Hotels and Resorts – and was in need of a strong central identity, consistent to connect them all together. The fundamental identity we believe that not only serves as an umbrella brand for the whole group, representing JoongAng Group as a leader in culture and lifestyle.

The slogan “A new voice confidence” is meant to reinforce the message of the group and ensure that all information and content is consistent and clear. We have changed the existing dimensional design, creating a more dynamic style in order to focus on the new vision of the group and tell a story with bold visual content and depth. This makes the information is delivered in a format packaged well and sends a strong message. Where the site before just to maintain communication, we have developed a new platform, dynamic where you can tell the story of the group. You can visit Company Website.

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