Chris Evans Shares Video Of BFFs Absolutely Roasting Him On ‘Captain America’ Set

Nothing like your childhood besties absolutely roasting you to keep you grounded when the rest of the world knows you as Captain America.

Chris Evans might have laid down his vibranium shield for good, but he has pulled a video from the vault to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at his early days as the first Avenger.

On Wednesday, the actor posted a clip of footage on the set of 2011’s “Captain America,” where he was joined by his high school friends Zach and Jon, who he explained worked as his “assistants” on the film at the time.

Apparently the job description included openly mocking Evans, as he performed a variety of stunts, with one of his friends shaking his head in disapproval after every take.

“Zach got a lot of great footage,” Evans wrote alongside the video. “Jon was unimpressed.”

At one point, as Evans is suspended in the air during an action sequence, his friend turns to the camera and quips, “He will fall. I hope he falls. You can tell him I said that.”

When the other pal reminds him that Evans is being held up by wires, he jokes, “Bro, you’ve never heard of an accident before?”

Aside from his “assistants,” Evans has seemingly managed to stay close with pre-“Avengers” friends, attending his 20th high school reunion in Sudbury, Massachusetts, near Boston back in 2019.

Photos from the event showed Evans, who wore a nametag that simply read “Chris,” posing with old classmates.

As for his future in the superhero universe, Evans recently responded to reports in January that he was set to reprise his role in an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

While the predictably secretive studio stayed mum on the rumors, the actor responded to speculation that he might suit up again, writing on Twitter, “News to me,” alongside a shrug emoji.

So, for now we’ll just have to take the Captain America crumbs Evans is feeding us on Twitter.

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