Comedian Sarah Cooper Hilariously Skewers Trump Camp’s Absurd Ballot Challenges

Popular TikTok comedian Sarah Cooper posed as a ditzy Donald Trump campaign lawyer in her latest video Monday, challenging three Democratic votes for President-elect Joe Biden because they had “chocolate sauce” on them.

That’s a violation of “Amendment 82 … C?” of the Constitution, Cooper’s lawyer declared — hesitantly.

The spoof was a major change for Cooper, who usually lip-syncs to Trump’s own rambling remarks in her mocking videos.

In the latest work, she tells an imaginary judge, screwing up her face: “We would also like to deem unredeemable 10 ballots which just don’t smell good … like, patchouli or something. So we should throw those out.”

Finally the big ask: “Five or six million ballots that were not for Trump. We just want to kind of just get rid of those.” 

Despite the change in her traditional role as Trump channeler, Cooper quipped to Vanity Fair that she’s ready to resurrect it Jan. 20. 

“If they need me to stand in for him, I’m happy to do that,” Cooper said. “I think we all know that Trump won’t be at the inauguration.” 

Twitter fans loved the latest offering.

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