Contestants Vie For COVID Vaccines On ‘SNL’ Game Show Hosted By ‘Dr. Fauci’

Desperate contestants vied for COVID-19 vaccines on a quirky game show hosted by Kate McKinnon’s Dr. Anthony Fauci on “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open.

“The vaccine roll-out is going strong, but it’s also very confusing,” McKinnon’s Fauci said. “Who can get it? How? When? Where is it? Do both doses go in the same arm or different arms or what? I don’t know.”

The three judges for “So You Think You Can Get the Vaccine” — all “famous governors” — were Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson), Gavin Newsom (Alex Moffat) and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (Cecily Strong). 

“Yes, hello, nice bodies, some of you,” said Davidson’s Cuomo after “Fauci” mentioned his problems with “nursing home dead people” and “sex harassment.” 

“I know, I know, I’m in the friggin’ doghouse again,” he admitted. “Remember when your favorite movie was my PowerPoint?”

One of the contestants, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), tried to prove he was vaccine eligible because of his stand-out comedic talent. His arms were tired, he explained, because he “just flew in from Cancun.”

The most hapless of all the contestants was 85-year-old Mikey Day, who was automatically eligible, but had no idea how to make a vaccine appointment online. He wondered if his mailman could help him. “Does he have three straight days to help you click refresh?” asked Cuomo, which just wasn’t possible

“Better luck next time,” said Strong’s Gov. Whitmer.

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