Don Lemon Flips ‘Lapdog’ Lindsey Graham’s Own Words About Donald Trump Back On Him

The news anchor noted how “lapdog Lindsey” — as he mockingly described the South Carolina Republican — “sure had some tough talk” for Trump before he became president, calling him a “bigot” and “unfit for office.”

Graham later became one of Trump’s most loyal apologists and even “got on the president’s crazy train” of election fraud lies following the president’s 2020 defeat to President-elect Joe Biden, noted Lemon.

But after last week’s deadly U.S. Capitol riot by a mob of Trump supporters, Graham finally declared that “enough is enough” and said the president should “count me out.”

“‘Enough is enough,’ huh?” Lemon asked, before showing footage of Graham leaving the White House earlier Tuesday to join Trump on Air Force One for his trip to Texas.

“Lindsey!” Lemon admonished the senator, shaking his head.

Check out Lemon’s comments here:

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