‘Embarrassed’ Looking Raccoon Hauled Out Of Home After Failed Snack Quest

A photo of a raccoon being rescued after breaking into a Georgia home is going viral ― despite the raccoon’s apparent best efforts to hide.

The photo shows a raccoon covering his eyes with a paw while a firefighter carries him through the kitchen. (The department noted in a comment that the firefighter did not stage the raccoon’s position or manipulate his arms or paws.)

The raccoon was more likely scared than actually “embarrassed.” Raccoons tend to cover their eyes when they’re afraid, according to Tennessee wildlife rescue For Fox Sake.

Luckily, this raccoon’s frightening ordeal didn’t last for long. The fire department wrote that they were able to “safely release him back into the wild” where “he’ll hopefully be less adventurous in his search for snacks from now on.”

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