Fox News Host’s ‘That’s Not Real’ Rebuke Of Satirical Trump Time Cover Baffles Many

“The Faulkner Focus” host pointed out the obvious by declaring artist Tim O’Brien’s illustration, below, was “not real.”

“If you saw that on the opposite with a conservative president and it was, you know, all over the place, mainstream media would be on fire about it. But with Joe Biden it’s okay to do this?” Faulkner asked.

“I mean, that’s not real. That picture isn’t real,” the anchor continued. “Don’t we care, I thought we were a nation who cared about the facts?”

“Let’s see if others in the mainstream media have the gumption to call out the fact that that’s just a complete lie,” she added.

Some people on social media suggested Faulkner was angered by the fact that the Oval Office was not literally trashed on President Joe Biden’s arrival, but many were simply puzzled about what point she was trying to make regarding the visual metaphor:

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