Geraldo Rivera Lambastes Trump For Going On Holiday While Stimulus Bill Is In Limbo

Geraldo Rivera’s beef with Donald Trump continued to grow Wednesday as the Fox News host criticized the president for leaving the American people “adrift” over critical legislation while he jetted off to his Mar-a-Lago resort for the holidays.

“He’s threatening a veto. He’s gone on Christmas holiday. What the hell are we supposed to do now? The president has said this is no good. What about the defense authorization part of this? What about paying the military?” Rivera asked on Fox News’ “The Five.”

“We needed some leadership here,” he said, taking a swipe at Trump’s “farcical” comments Tuesday suggesting he might have a second term as he roasted the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill that Congress had just sent to the White House for his signature.

“More importantly, he’s the leader of the free world. Give us some guidance,” Rivera added.

On Tuesday, Trump seemed to threaten he wouldn’t sign the coronavirus relief package, which lawmakers had finally passed through the House and Senate after months of gridlock. Trump demanded that the stimulus checks that are part of the package be increased from $600 per individual to $2,000, even though it was his Republican Party that objected to increasing the direct payments.

And on Wednesday, Trump vetoed the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for pay raises for troops and billions of dollars for military programs and construction. Trump wanted the bill to include rules against social media companies he claims are biased against him. He also wanted to remove sections that would permit military bases named after Confederate leaders to be renamed.

He left later Wednesday for Florida. Most members of Congress have also left town.

“Is [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi going to meet with [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell? Are they going to get together and get a plan? What are the American people going to do? We are left adrift right now,” Rivera said.

Rivera, a supporter and old friend of the president, has grown increasingly critical of the president in the weeks since Trump lost the election. The conservative commentator has repeatedly called on Trump to admit he lost to Democrat Joe Biden, discontinue his lies about widespread voter fraud and make an effort to unite the country instead.

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