Golf Fan Runs Onto U.S. Open Course And Takes 2 Shots Before Security Grabs Him

A golf fan got to play in the big-time Sunday at the U.S. Open in La Jolla, California.

Except he wasn’t invited.

The intruder, wearing shorts, a crop top and a rainbow-colored cape, ran onto the course, took two shots (with what appeared to be a well-practiced swing), performed a brief dance and dodged security personnel before one in a golf cart headed him off and tackled him.

He was arrested, a U.S. Golf Association rep told HuffPost on Monday without elaborating. San Diego police said they didn’t file charges.

The exploit followed several other incidents of bad spectator behavior that have occurred since pro sports began welcoming fans back in the pandemic recovery. In the NBA playoffs, unruly spectators spit on a player, poured popcorn on another and yelled racist remarks at a player’s father.

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