James Corden Spots The Trump CPAC Moment That Proves He’s A Villain

When Donald Trump asked fans at the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend if they missed him, James Corden saw some dangerous parallels with Hollywood’s worst. (Watch the video below.)

“The Late Late Show” host on Monday replayed the start of Trump’s first speech since leaving office on Jan. 20. “Hello CPAC, do you miss me yet? Do you miss me?” the former president asked the crowd on Sunday.

Corden answered with an expletive and pondered the meaning of Trump’s seemingly innocuous question.

“Trump said, ‘Did you miss me?’ which is literally what every movie villain says when they come back,” observed Corden.

The host then unspooled a montage of fictional evildoers, including the Penguin and Pennywise, uttering the same words. It would be a crime to miss:

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