Jimmy Kimmel Marks 1 Year Of Coronavirus Pandemic With Damning Trump Prediction

Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday held a mock anniversary celebration for the coronavirus pandemic, complete with gifts, greeting cards and even an awards ceremony.

“One year ago today, the World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus to be a pandemic and we’ve been spraying our bananas with Windex ever since,” he said.

Kimmel recalled the habits many people picked up during the frightening early days of the pandemic.

“Remember when we were carefully disassembling our Instacart deliveries like a munitions expert in ‘The Hurt Locker’ or something?” he asked. “Watch out, the Chipotle could explode!” 

But Kimmel also looked back on how public officials acted a year ago,  including Donald Trump, who was president at the time. 

“The risk is very, very low,” Trump said back then. 

“That’s what they say about owning a casino and he bankrupted three of those,” Kimmel said. “I never get tired of seeing that.” 

Kimmel also noted that Trump ― who he called “Captain Contagious” ― predicted the virus would just go away at least 40 times

“Unfortunately, saying ‘Go away’ doesn’t work,” Kimmel said. “It’s a virus, not Eric.”

Check out his full “One Year Lockdown Coronaversary Spectacular” monologue below:

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