Jimmy Kimmel Names And Shames The State That Wasted $2 Million Sucking Up To Trump

Jimmy Kimmel said the unproven coronavirus treatment pushed last year by then-President Donald Trump ― and parroted by right-wing media ― is officially a bust. And now one state is $2 million in the hole because of it. 

But as Kimmel noted, there were hints Trump knew all along the drug was a bust. 

“When Trump got the coronavirus, you know what he didn’t take?” Kimmel asked. “Hydroxychloroquine!” 

Oklahoma, however, went all-in based on Trump’s recommendation, spending $2 million to stockpile the drug ― or as Kimmel put it: “using taxpayer money to show Donald Trump how very much he means to them.” 

The state is now trying to return the drug. In response, Kimmel mockingly suggested a tourism campaign around it:   

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