Jimmy Kimmel Names ‘The New Most Annoying People In The World’

Jimmy Kimmel said gyms are reopening as coronavirus cases continue to drop ― but wondered how many people will be going back. 

“Sales of the Peloton bicycles were up 172 percent since the pandemic started,” he noted. “Which you all know because every one of your friends who has a Peloton tells you all about it, all the time.” 

“One of the new most annoying people in the world over the last 12 months is the friend who got a Peloton. They’ve been holed up with nothing to do but ride the bike and brag about it.”  

“Pelotons are the new marathons,” he said. “Something must be done, and fortunately help is on the way.” 

Kimmel’s crew created a fake ad for a new service just for Peloton owners who can’t shut up about about their exercise bikes:

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