Joaquin Castro: Ban Donald Trump’s Name From Ever Gracing A Federal Building

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) doesn’t want any federal government buildings being named after President Donald Trump. Ever.

Castro tweeted Thursday he was preparing legislation that would prohibit the outgoing president from being afforded the honor.

Trump “incited an insurrection that damaged some of our nation’s most significant and sacred federal property,” Castro wrote, condemning Wednesday’s deadly Capitol riot incited by the president.

“Most important — let us learn from our past,” the lawmaker added. “Donald Trump should never become a future generation’s confederate symbol.”

Castro earlier Thursday called for Trump to be impeached and “immediately removed from office” for stirring the rioters at a rally:

Castro’s building name ban proposal was welcomed by many on Twitter. Trump, a former real estate developer, slaps his name on his properties and many people thought a federal building name ban would really get under the president’s skin.

Castro’s twin brother, former Democratic presidential contender Julián Castro, meanwhile, simply tweeted:

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