Karl Rove: Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Be Stripped Of Her Committee Assignment

Veteran GOP strategist Karl Rove said Tuesday that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has no place on the House Education and Labor Committee and should instead be “confined to the dark recesses of the furthest building away from the House floor.”

He was asked by Trey Gowdy, guest host of “Fox News Primetime,” for his analysis on how the Republican Party can “keep a big tent but keep the fringes kind of out of the main dining area,” referring to Greene, who endorses a bevy of crackpot conspiracy theories, including the dangerous far-right QAnon tale of a world controlled by Satan-worshiping pedophiles who were being secretly fought by Donald Trump.

The newly elected congresswoman has faced calls for her resignation, or at least to be stripped of her committee assignments, over her past social media activity in which she has suggested that school massacres were staged, wildfires were ignited from space and Democratic lawmakers should face violence, among other things.

Rove didn’t hold back: “If you believe that the Jews control a space laser that starts fires in Northern California and that there’s some unnamed high-ranking government official who’s got a heretofore unknown security classification called Q, and all the nutty things that flow with that, you should be taken off the prestigious House Education and Labor Committee and be confined to the dark recesses of the furthest building away from the House floor, and then let the voters decide in the next election.”

“She is a problem for our party,” he added.

Greene did, in fact, theorize that perhaps solar energy collected in space and beamed or lasered back to Earth might have started the Camp Fire in Paradise, California, in 2018, according to a Facebook post uncovered by watchdog group Media Matters.

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