Kimmel Nails The Total Hypocrisy Of Texas Governor’s Whine About Joe Biden

Jimmy Kimmel was left in disbelief by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who wasn’t very happy with some of the language he heard from President Joe Biden

Abbott this week ended his state’s mask mandate and eased many of the other coronavirus restrictions.

Biden called such moves by Texas and other states “Neanderthal thinking” and urged people to continue to mask up. Abbott complained that’s “not the type of thing a president should be saying.”

Kimmel couldn’t help but laugh at the Texas governor’s hypocrisy. 

“You think these guys even hear themselves anymore?” he asked, then showed a picture of Abbott shaking hands with ex-President Donald Trump.

“Oh, there’s the governor making a handshake agreement on the types of things a president should be saying,” he said. “You don’t call people Neanderthals. You call them crooked and crazy, like a gentleman does.” 

Check out his full monologue below:

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