New Time Cover Shows The Utter Chaos That Donald Trump Left Behind For Joe Biden

The front page of the magazine’s Feb. 1/8 double issue shows Biden pensively looking out of the trashed Oval Office’s window, which appears to be surrounded by flames.

Graffiti is scrawled on a curtain and the Resolute Desk, itself covered in documents and fast food cartons.

A telephone lies listlessly on the floor, near one of Trump’s signature red “Make America Great Again” caps and a bullhorn.

Check out the cover here:

“For the past several days, after pondering where we are as a nation, what just happened in Washington, and what Joe Biden faces as he takes the office of President, I was working on a piece that is now on the cover of the new issue of Time Magazine,” O’Brien tweeted of the piece Thursday.

O’Brien’s art graced the publication’s front page on multiple occasions throughout Trump’s presidency, calling out the one-term president’s catastrophic handling of the coronavirus pandemic and other scandals:

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