‘Party Down’ Revival In Development At Starz

It seems that Starz is catering to one of its niche fan bases. 

The network is developing a revival of the cult comedy “Party Down,” which will run for a six-part limited series, Starz announced Thursday. 

The new series will be executive produced by “Party Down” alumni Rob Thomas (“Veronica Mars,” “iZombie”) along with John Enbom (“iZombie,” “Benched”), Paul Rudd and Dan Etheridge (“Veronica Mars,” iZombie”). Enbom will also serve as showrunner. 

With this news in mind, we can’t help but ask fans who felt the show was canceled too soon:

The dark and often awkward comedy — which ran for two seasons in 2009 and 2010 — followed six down-on-their-luck caterers in Los Angeles who typically got way too involved with their clientele. The show boasted a cast of exceptional comedic actors: Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jane Lynch, Ken Marino, Martin Starr and Ryan Hansen. In the second season, Megan Mullally joined the cast, and Lynch shifted to a guest starring role.

And although Starz didn’t make any official cast announcements, The Hollywood Reporter said “much of the cast likely to return” — and the Twitter reactions of the stars of the original series seemed to echo that sentiment:

“At the end of 2019, the ‘Party Down’ cast and producers were all reunited at a retrospective for the show hosted by Vulture. We had such a good time that we wanted to find a way to get the team back together again,” Thomas said Thursday.

“The cast is so busy these days that finding a window where we can do it may require trigonometry, but we’re determined to make it happen,” he added.

That sounds a lot like we’re going to be seeing our six beloved weirdos again … maybe with some more ridiculous musings on the dangers of smoking pot:

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