Samantha Bee Exposes The Group That’s Now ‘Playing A Massive Part’ In QAnon

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee on Wednesday examined the major role that white women are now playing as “primary drivers” of the “bulls**t right-wing conspiracy theory” QAnon.

Bee attributed the conspiracy’s current surge in popularity among “Q-A-Moms” largely to “social media posts with gateway messaging about child trafficking that many people wouldn’t find objectionable.”

“These conspiracy theories try to appeal to a mother’s primal need to protect their children and have particularly proliferated among holistic living and natural birth communities,” Bee explained, highlighting the use of pastel color palettes on social media that entice unwitting mothers down an online rabbit hole.

“Once you’re that deep into a culture of right-wing disinformation and grievance politics, racism is right around the corner,” Bee said.

And “for many women, QAnon has become a path for indoctrination into white nationalism and xenophobia,” the comedian added.

“If we’re going to fight against right-wing conspiracy theories, we’re going to have to face the reality that not all people driving QAnon are men,” Bee warned.

“White women are playing a massive part as well, particularly when they tell themselves they are protecting families,” she concluded. “The messaging they use is insidious, pervasive, and loaded with undertones of white supremacy. It may look pretty but it is dangerous.”

Watch the first and second parts of the piece here:

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