Seth Meyers Takes A Tucker Carlson Rant To The Next Level Of Bonkers

Seth Meyers reprised his mocking impression of Tucker Carlson on Monday and took one of the Fox News personality’s recent rants to a new, weird level.

Meyers noted how “the Fox News disinformation machine” swung into action as blackouts swept across Texas during winter storms last week. Instead of blaming energy companies that failed to winterize their facilities, network personalities focused on the Green New Deal, which Meyers noted “does not currently exist in any form in Texas or at the national level.”

The “Late Night” host aired a supercut of people on Fox News pushing the lie before channeling one particularly bonkers bit from Carlson, who falsely claimed on air that the Green New Deal in Texas had led to windmills “chopping up birds” in people’s backyards.

“How would you like a windmill in your backyard, making noise, chopping up birds and sucking up all your air?” Meyers began.

“How would you like a windmill to move in with you and live in your house, eating all your food and drinking all your booze?” he continued. “How would you like that windmill to get suspiciously close with your wife, to the point where they start going on shopping trips together without you, leaving you at home wondering what they’re doing at the outlet mall while you look out your window at all the chopped birds on your lawn?”

Meyers continued with the impression ― even at one point mimicking the sound of a wind turbine having sex ― before warning: “My wife left me for a windmill and it will happen to you, too!”

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