Stephen Colbert Has A Funny Theory About Trump’s ‘Rambling’ Impeachment Lawyer

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert came up with a funny theory for Castor’s convoluted reasoning for not convicting Trump.

“Castor was so rambling there were times it seemed like his plan was to put everybody to sleep, then grab the articles of impeachment and just tiptoe out,” cracked the late night comedian.

Colbert acknowledged Castor did on occasion stumble “onto an actual point.”

But the lawyer’s claim impeachment should be rare was mocked by Colbert.

“It’s not a requirement for them to be rare,” he countered. “That’s like the police going, ‘Well, prosecuting triple homicides supposed to be a rare occurrence, we had one last week, so let’s call these three headless bodies an ‘oopsie daisy.’”

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