The Best Shows To Watch On Netflix In March 2021

Premise: This documentary focuses on a confusing, existential reckoning for the Latter Day Saints organization in the mid-1980s. A rising star in the religion keeps unearthing and acquiring rare documents from famous American writers and other historical documents, bringing prestige to the church’s archivist efforts.

When bombs planted around Salt Lake City begin killing people, the church gets blamed for attempting to cover up a conspiracy. Investigators must uncover the motive behind the series of murders while dealing with the overwhelmingly religious local community.

Netflix descriptors: “Riveting” and “investigative”

How it starts: A well-dressed man sitting in a church-like room talks to an unseen person behind the camera.

“Can I ask a favor?” the man asks. “Don’t make me answer that.” He shakes his head repeatedly. “Don’t make me answer that.” He appears to begin to cry and rubs his hands over the chair’s armrests. “Make someone else do it.” He waves his hand and continues to shake his head. “I don’t want to make a hero out of him.” He leans forward. “Because he was fantastic.”

Runtime: Three episodes of roughly 50 minutes

Bonus: A local Salt Lake City news channel interviewed one of the talking heads in the documentary about the experience of living through the events in the 1980s.

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