Trump Reportedly Called GA Gov. Brian Kemp A ‘Moron,’ A ‘Nut Job’ In Phone Call To Aides

President Donald Trump called Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp a “moron” and a “nut job” in a recent disturbing phone call, sources have told CNN.

Trump’s increasingly ugly attacks on Kemp are heightening fears within the GOP that the president could threaten the chances of Georgia’s two Republican Senate candidates in the state’s upcoming runoff election. Trump has a rally planned for Saturday in Valdosta, Georgia, and nerves are especially frayed over concerns about what might come out of his mouth.

CNN journalist Jeremy Diamond reported Friday on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead” about Trump’s latest Kemp blast. Trump last Sunday said he was disappointed that Kemp did “absolutely nothing” to overturn presidential election results that Trump has baselessly claimed were rigged. “I’m ashamed that I endorsed him,” the president angrily said of Kemp on Fox News.

An irritated Trump reportedly also wondered in his recent phone call why Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler wasn’t able to win re-election outright, instead of now having to face a runoff on Jan. 5.

Republicans are “on edge” that more of these kinds of attacks “could do more harm than good” and depress GOP voter turnout, Diamond noted.

Tapper characterized the situation as “madness, absolute madness.” (Check out the video up top.)

Fringe attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell ― formerly embraced, but now shunned, by Trump’s campaign ― have even urged Republicans to boycott the Senate vote unless there’s a full-scale investigation into the presidential election. Democrats are eagerly getting in on the action on Twitter and also calling on Republican voters to boycott. That could create an easier path to victory for Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, possibly resulting in Democratic control of the Senate.

According to ongoing conspiracy theories being devoured by some Make America Great Again disciples, the Republican Senate candidates — Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue — are letting Georgia’s alleged electoral fraud slide. In reality, there’s absolutely no evidence of any such fraud, nor is there proof that Perdue and Loeffler had anything to do with the fraud, which, again, has not been shown to exist.

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